LOVE. THESE. SHORTS. the color, the pattern...

Looking through SS '10 shows I found myself infatuated with Dries Van Noten.
I love how exotic the colors and prints(polka dots- ahhhh) are, but the tailoring and draping (the effortless loosenes? THE SIXTH LOOK'S BLOUSE.) and styling (example: how the navy tunic in the fifth look fits perfectly with the dissipated navy in the print of the pant) look so pulled-together and perfect.

My eyes just cry of amazement when I look!

Also, I love the novel necklaces! I like the jumble of pearls look, but the little geometric shape just adds so much character and interest. The appeal!

The sun-shielders also have a beautiful shape which I love.

I believe this is the direction in which I would like my style to go. At least, my accessories to go. It's just so beautiful.

Images from style.com.


  1. I love the blouse in the second from the bottom (I'm too lazy to count to see if it is sixth from the top). That is purely gorgeous.

  2. I love Dries Van Noten. Very cool collection!!

  3. I would love to own every single piece! hah x
    Merry Christmas :) x

  4. i really like the collection as well. Saw a lot of things i would wear if i had the money to of course...the color usage and patterns is what made this collection haute

  5. What a fun and casual collection!


  6. I so want that jacket in the 4th photo!

  7. I'm not usually into prints, but Dries van Noten gets it right every time!