Is this spot not so cool? I caught it just as the sun was beginning to sink.

Thrifted plaid button-down, J.Crew shorts, thrifted red belt, Sperry Top-Siders

I found this mallard button-down(Lord & Taylor) and red belt at a fun little rummage sale. There was another plaid button down by Lord & Taylor, but the ducks were flying and hunters were shooting and the shirt was blood red! So, being me, I went with this one.

Tell me what you think and I wish you a no doubt fabulous week!

PS: I bragged to my whole fam over Thanksgiving about my 15 comments and 7 followers! Thank you so so much!


Going to Oxford

This past weekend was very busy but fun, filled with fall festivals and best friend time. On a scale of 1 to 10, how fabulous was your weekend?

I have just began to get into oxfords and have recently found some beautiful ones.

How fabulous are these from Anthropologie? Probably my favorites of the bunch, they can be dressed up or down beautifully.

These Alex Wangs are genius. The heel is so alluring and intersting, I just love them.

You could either love or hate these ones from Paul Smith, but I think they're fun little beauties.

Outfit post coming soon!


She's a Beaut

Just thougt I'd inspire you with some no doubt fabulous pictures I stumbled across while browsing altamiranyc.blogspot.com, a great blog featuring off-duty models.

Meanwhile, I shall drink my tea and be excited for tomorrow's Project Runway. Anyone else into it? If so, who do you think is the most talented?


Belts, The Beautiful Kind

I was scouring Anthropologie today, and besides being completely amazed by their whole collection of whimsical Winter wares, I found some no doubt fabulous belts.
I wear belts quite often, to cinch a dress or to pull togehter an outfit with jeans. Also, sometimes I get stuck in a basics rut, where I wear all tailored, preppy stuff and just get bored. Fun, unique accesories can inspire me from time to time.

This one is so pretty and eccentric- it has that New Mexico feel to me, and I love the distressed white leather. (Maybe this could be found in that painting I posted a while ago?) It's so versatile, I can see myself wearing it in summer and winter.

Ahhh. This belt is just so cute, no? The metal on leather and gorgeous carving are so pleasing to the eye. Who wouldn't want a hare cinched around her waist?

Lastly, this belt just makes me want to run through an evergreen forest singing songs of yuletide. In a full skirt, no less. Enough said.

Are you a belting bambina like me?

On a side note, over the weekend I got to drive my dad's convertible in this beautious weather and it felt so joyous. He said, "A teenager driving a convertible on a lazy Sunday... you only have a few more years left of this and then 70 years of NOT being this- relish it!"
Now, though I am really excited to grow up and embark on my adventures, and discover my style, and all those things, I LOVE being a Bambina right now. The spirit is so free and exciting and the possibilities are endless and beautiful!

All images from anthropologie.com.


Ready and Outfitted

Kimichi Blue slip(cut out of a dress), J.Crew belt, shirt, and tights, Steve Madden flats, Anthropologie posts, vintage rings and bangles

My first outfit post!
I was inspired by this from the Urban Outfitters Fall Catalog:

(Actually, I was inspired by everything in the Urban Oufitters catalog.)

I can't get over the lushness and beauty that is my J.Crew shirt. Love the sheen, the fact that it's not quite denim. It's like your boyfriend's denim button down, but your boyfriend happens to be a Greek god.
The dress is too short, I know, but I couldn't resist wearing it.
And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these tights. Today in the supermarket a lady came up to me and said, "I love textured nylons, those are SO up my alley!" I've never been complimented by a stranger before, so that was quite fun.


Weepy Eyed

Trail of Tears, Robert Lindneux

We're learning about the Indian Removal Act in American Studies right now, and I couldn't help but love this picture I saw in my textbook.

I love the colors against the dark stormy sky. And tribal prints for spring! I especially love the guy in the foreground on the dark grey horse: so many stripes, and awesome earrings!

Their travels kind of remind me of the DVF mantra from a few seasons ago: "Wherever she goes, she belongs." If any Native American girl wore this kind of dress and had confindence to match, I'm sure she could "make it work" anywhere. I wanna be like that!

Don't you?


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Lacey Sweet

I have come to realize that lace + classic structure = feast for the eyes. Contrast is so visually appealing, no? It's the textures, the balance between the two.

A few looks from Christian Dior Spring '09 RTW that convinced me of this. Such a feast for the eyes! The idea, combined with the red lips and hair evokes that '40s glamour, that powerful femininity. It's no doubt fabulous.

I saw the same concept at Stella McCartney, but the vibe was different. It was insouciance, feminine and pulled together, yet carefree. The lace was paired with classic pleated chinos and khaki boyish wonders instead of strikingly glamorous black.

(Plus, you gotta love Karlie.)