I hope that your holiday was enjoyable! Mine was. I've been shopping, and eating, and playing Tetris on the iPad. Time well spent.
Anyway, I'm thinking of spending some of my Christmas gift money on these. Opening Ceremony is kind of taking over my life.

Repetto Mysia boot



Commes Des Garcons Beige Luxury Wallet

Sliding this in my bag amidst end-of-semester craziness just might quiet my mind.


once and for all

I am known for hating gardening and yard work, but today I showed everyone that I really can do it! And after, I took some pictures of le jardin and the tool shed things.

Anyone notice bigger images! I just started using photobucket. Should I be embarrassed?



I LOVE the Oprah franchise. Specifically, I love O Magazine. When "The Power Issue" came out a few months ago, I was so inspired. I made it my mission to live with mindfulness, not holding back any of my awesome.
The December issue is called "The Awe Issue", and let me tell ya, O hit it outta the park againnn! When I went to the Phoenix concert (we had great spots), I felt SO charged up. Everything felt new and different. My friends, I think I was AWED. So the December Issue. It tells us that when we look outside ourselves, we are refreshed like nothing else. There was this experiment they did that showed people were more optimistic when they were seated in front of a marvelous t-rex skeleton than a white wall.It reminded me of all the times I felt awed: studying astronomy, walking the stairs of a subway station when it's busy, concerts that I love, MoMA. I love looking at pictures of beautiful clothes because they're AWESOME to me. They're unreal and beautiful, but people wear them just like I wear my favorite belt. It's crazy!
Here are some awe-inducing pictures I found.
wordy post. different. but cool, right?


In the Jungle

Two totally different pictures of myself taken immediately after I bought Nars lipstick in Jungle Red.

It's funny how every time I say I'm inspired I don't post for like a month. I think I get this thing where I'm on the cusp of something, but I stay at the same level because I have the same skills. I think I'll try to take some photography classes to learn some new things.

Have a great week!


A Visible Illusion

On Wednesday, I saw Phoenix in Miami at this really beautiful, small theater. It sort of awakened me and gave me this new energy.
Check out their road journal- it's very interesting.
Just wanted to share my current inspiration... what's yours?


Black Tie

My friends and I are already dreaming and sketching for our prom/spring formal. I have fantasies all the time. Here are a couple looks for each of us:

flowy and detailed with deco glitz

3.1 Phillip Lim dress
Anthropologie heels
Judith Leiber clutch
Johanne Mills earrings

Cute with an edge

Emilio Pucci dress
Balenciaga heels
Roberto Cavalli ring
Unsigned ring

Body-con sensibilites with a french twist

Rebecca Taylor dress
Christian Louboutin heels
Isabel Marant earrings

If only I could tell you about our dream dates... ;)

Images gathered from net-a-porter, yoox, and anthropologie



Beat up monogrammed compact

Double knobs

USB cord on a Moleskine

Tissue paper

Let's make this our week's mantra!

I thought I would scare this guy off, but he was definitely posing for me

For my birthday this week I got the Cannon Rebel T1i! I completely did not see it coming. But, my mom got tired of me stealing her Rebel Xt. So now I feel totally free artisticly!
I think film is one of my favorite mediums with which to be creative. It's really fun! Hope you like these random images I shot while hanging out.
Happy Monday to everyone!



I feel like I took these a long time ago! Well, actually my sister took them for me. She gets annoyed when I want a lot of pictures.
I got these Pierre Hardy wedges when one of my favorite bloggers, The Stylish Wanderer put some of her old stuff on ebay. I was floored when I got these! I love them so much.
More exciting posts to come! I'm entering a new era.

Truly Madly Deeply crop tank, Gap sweater, BDG shorts, Pierre Hardy x Gap wedges, Very cheap watch



Lately, I have not had a zest for blogging. Partly, because my closet, I feel like, is exhausted. My choices are very limited, people. And partly because I feel like I'm not exactly the same girl as when I started this blog, circa a year ago. I'm trying to embrace the evolution! But I cringe every time I go back and read all the "darlings" and "beauties", IN SUCCESSION.
So my plan is 1) to go shopping for real- beacuse I have been caught in the trap of blowing all my money on lotion and artwork- and 2) start blogging about my lifestyle, or rather, the most interesting parts of my lifestyle.
New year, new blog!

First up on the list: my passion for Barcelona. I dream of it. Maybe it's beacause of Vicky Cristina Barcelona, but everything about it seems beautiful and interesting.

This one is from Barcelona Fashion Week Fall '09.



Oh, goodness. I can't believe how long I've been detached from the blogosphere! Life sure does get in the way.

During my travels, I picked up Classy: Exceptional Advice for the Extremely Modern Lady by Derek Blasberg, a book I've been wanting for a while.

Let me just say, it has changed my life!

It's so hilarious and incredibly charming. It answers all my questions about what an interesting and fun yet respectable woman is like. You should really read it!

Well, I am doing my best to get into a routine of posting. Talk to you soon!


Theory dress, J.Crew Belt, Gifted Bracelet (I love you, Nathalie!),Ray-Ban Cat Eyes, Sam Edelman oxfords

I am infinitely regretful for my posting habits of late... from when I got back from New York to the final week of school was completely crazy. Prom, finals, term papers, ahhh! I made it, though. Yay.

It's hotter than a manicotti right now (Julie & Julia, anyone?), so I like to wear as little clothes as possible. Though I feel like I've thickened up a bit, probably thanks to this. Uhh.

Thank you for still reading The Bambina!!!



Make You Feel Brand New

I'm going to New York, friends!

So excited to bring back clothes, pictures, and inspiration. It's my favorite city in the whole wide world!

Look for a post in a week or so.

The Bambina

P.S. Any shopping or food recomendations?

images: weheartit