Make You Feel Brand New

I'm going to New York, friends!

So excited to bring back clothes, pictures, and inspiration. It's my favorite city in the whole wide world!

Look for a post in a week or so.

The Bambina

P.S. Any shopping or food recomendations?

images: weheartit



Those are beautiful pants, no?

"In Budget Blues", Bon S/S 2010

I see these as a slightly edgy, punk take on 40's boyish glamour. Reallllly love the hair and model! (Can't find her name, though.)

A recent jaunt to Sephora went like this:
Makeup Artist: What can I help you find?
The Bambina: I love red lipstick. A bright blue-red would be nice!
MA: *shock* Uh, RED LIPSTICK?!! YOU?!! It's so... can I say it?
The Bambina: Say it, say it!
MA: Red lipstick. It's outdated! It's for 45 year-old women who want to look sexy! It completely overwhlems you! Let's find you a nice pink.

I ended up loving this burgundy Benetint, but I'm pretty sure I'll still wear my red lips. Add "nonconformist" to list of things they make me feel like!

source: Fashion Copious