Lately, I have not had a zest for blogging. Partly, because my closet, I feel like, is exhausted. My choices are very limited, people. And partly because I feel like I'm not exactly the same girl as when I started this blog, circa a year ago. I'm trying to embrace the evolution! But I cringe every time I go back and read all the "darlings" and "beauties", IN SUCCESSION.
So my plan is 1) to go shopping for real- beacuse I have been caught in the trap of blowing all my money on lotion and artwork- and 2) start blogging about my lifestyle, or rather, the most interesting parts of my lifestyle.
New year, new blog!

First up on the list: my passion for Barcelona. I dream of it. Maybe it's beacause of Vicky Cristina Barcelona, but everything about it seems beautiful and interesting.

This one is from Barcelona Fashion Week Fall '09.