j'aime ballet

A few months ago, I was getting my bike out of the shed and happened upon a nice leatherback book called Dance- Jack Anderson, 1951. The pictures were so beautiful and drew me right in. I like the vibe of photography books from the 50s and 60s- it seems like the feature pictures are not as sharp, super rich, and almost sterile as the ones today. Which is lucky, because you can find them in pretty much any flea market, or used book store, or ancient library (like that of my high school).
Anyway. There's more where this comes from.



I wore this outfit to Christmas Eve mass. Keep in mind that I live in South Florida and it was relatively warm.

Finals are coming up and I am trying to keep calm. Ah.
Have a great week!

American Apparel chiffon skirt and cotton tank, random wedges, gifted vintage cuff



I hope that your holiday was enjoyable! Mine was. I've been shopping, and eating, and playing Tetris on the iPad. Time well spent.
Anyway, I'm thinking of spending some of my Christmas gift money on these. Opening Ceremony is kind of taking over my life.

Repetto Mysia boot



Commes Des Garcons Beige Luxury Wallet

Sliding this in my bag amidst end-of-semester craziness just might quiet my mind.


once and for all

I am known for hating gardening and yard work, but today I showed everyone that I really can do it! And after, I took some pictures of le jardin and the tool shed things.

Anyone notice bigger images! I just started using photobucket. Should I be embarrassed?