Lost in the Stacks

This weekend my best friend and I sat down with a gargantuan stack of magazines to do some serious collaging.

This one of mine was originally inspired by polka dots, and then became a search for a girl with natural beauty, who gives a vibe of inner freshness and vitality. She has a few best friends who she spends her days with, and she cares about what she wears, but doesn't have a glamorous style. A Sunday morning in a clawfoot bathtub followed by coffee at a cafe is her thing. You know who I'm talkin' bout?

Anyway, I hope you all are having a lovely week. Tonight I am making contraptions to hold an egg while it drops off a building.

Interesting, I know.

The Bambina



J Crew cardigan, BDG acid wash shorts, Anthropologie rabbit belt.

I love beliting my stretchy, flowy, pink cardi with the leather and metal rabbit belt. It feels so right!

Right now, I'm enjoying so much delicious fruit- and the colors of mangoes are exactly what I want to be wearing. The one in the back almost reminds me of some sort of ombre! Spring = exotic + tropicaaaal.

Have fun in the tents, everyone! I am eagerly following via Twitter and blogs.

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Hello Again, Darlings

The Miu Mix.Vogue Australia March 2010.

Isn't this editorial gorgeous? I've loved the Miu Miu prints since the minute I saw them, and they get taken to a different level with all the unique detailing and interesting pastels!

I love the shape of those collars! They remind me of this really sad movie that I watched about World War II, but nonetheless, the military attire had GREAT, looong collar points. I think that is the most unique statement written about Miu Miu all season! Yay for The Bambina!

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a very long time! I have been caught up with school work and my research paper. Delightful!

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