Ready and Outfitted

Kimichi Blue slip(cut out of a dress), J.Crew belt, shirt, and tights, Steve Madden flats, Anthropologie posts, vintage rings and bangles

My first outfit post!
I was inspired by this from the Urban Outfitters Fall Catalog:

(Actually, I was inspired by everything in the Urban Oufitters catalog.)

I can't get over the lushness and beauty that is my J.Crew shirt. Love the sheen, the fact that it's not quite denim. It's like your boyfriend's denim button down, but your boyfriend happens to be a Greek god.
The dress is too short, I know, but I couldn't resist wearing it.
And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these tights. Today in the supermarket a lady came up to me and said, "I love textured nylons, those are SO up my alley!" I've never been complimented by a stranger before, so that was quite fun.


  1. These are the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen! (Please tell me you put them on your facebook). The outfit is extremely gorgeous, the place you took them is beautiful.. and of course the model in the photos is stunning as ever ;). See you on Monday, Miss Bambina! <3

  2. These are great tights! U look fab! xx

  3. great leggs, its so cool. so full of energy.

  4. Love the outfit!
    Your blog is wonderful

  5. I love your outfit. I'm starting to love button downs. They are so comfy.

  6. I love your interpretation of the photo from the catalogue! Probably more than the original. Speaking of J.Crew (as a good portion of your outfit is the lovely brand), take a look at their two most recent catalogues if you have the chance. Completely inspirational and beautiful outfits.

  7. love love the outfit .... button down is the best, :-) xx