Belts, The Beautiful Kind

I was scouring Anthropologie today, and besides being completely amazed by their whole collection of whimsical Winter wares, I found some no doubt fabulous belts.
I wear belts quite often, to cinch a dress or to pull togehter an outfit with jeans. Also, sometimes I get stuck in a basics rut, where I wear all tailored, preppy stuff and just get bored. Fun, unique accesories can inspire me from time to time.

This one is so pretty and eccentric- it has that New Mexico feel to me, and I love the distressed white leather. (Maybe this could be found in that painting I posted a while ago?) It's so versatile, I can see myself wearing it in summer and winter.

Ahhh. This belt is just so cute, no? The metal on leather and gorgeous carving are so pleasing to the eye. Who wouldn't want a hare cinched around her waist?

Lastly, this belt just makes me want to run through an evergreen forest singing songs of yuletide. In a full skirt, no less. Enough said.

Are you a belting bambina like me?

On a side note, over the weekend I got to drive my dad's convertible in this beautious weather and it felt so joyous. He said, "A teenager driving a convertible on a lazy Sunday... you only have a few more years left of this and then 70 years of NOT being this- relish it!"
Now, though I am really excited to grow up and embark on my adventures, and discover my style, and all those things, I LOVE being a Bambina right now. The spirit is so free and exciting and the possibilities are endless and beautiful!

All images from anthropologie.com.


  1. very nice I'd totally wear this. :-)

  2. oh i love the first one:)

    Monika from J'adore Fashion

  3. The belts remind me of something that would be worn by a fairy tale character.

  4. I LOVE belts. I inherited a few from my aunt about three years ago and they are the most used pieces in my wardrobe. Thanks for your comments on my blog :).

  5. Love them all but want the 2nd one!!